Tabbani Real Estate, Zamzama Commercial, DHA, Karachi.

We understand that every office building within Tabani Estate should reflect
professionalism, sophistication, and a sense of harmony. Whether it's a modern and
sleek design, a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere, or a fusion of contemporary and
traditional elements, our designs are meticulously tailored to meet the unique
requirements of each space.


Welcome to shark interiors the leading interior design company specializing in creating exceptional spaces, with a focus on designing office buildings, including Tabani Estate. We understand the importance of interior design in creating productive and inspiring
work environments, and our team of talented designers is dedicated to crafting
remarkable interiors that perfectly align with Tabani Estate’s vision.


Attention to detail is our hallmark. We carefully select furniture, lighting, color schemes,
textures, and finishes to create a cohesive and visually pleasing environment. Our
designs not only enhance the aesthetics but also promote productivity, collaboration,
and employee well-being.
We prioritize optimizing space utilization, creating efficient layouts, and incorporating
ergonomic considerations. Our designs enhance workflow, maximize natural light, and
ensure a seamless integration of technology, resulting in a productive and comfortable
working environment.



Release Date

oct 2020


Design & Execution